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The Oct. 15th Digital Library Brown Bag

Julie Hardesty giving Digital Library Brown Bag talk.

Julie Hardesty giving Digital Library Brown Bag talk.

I recently attended this IU Digital Library Brown Bag talk:”Let it go: Exposing digital collections for accessible and useful data.” The presenter was Juliet L. Hardesty, a Metadata Analyst for IU Libraries. The abstract for the talk follows:

How do you usefully combine digital repository, library catalog, and library website data so researchers can discover and make use of the data in support of their research? This session discusses plans to combine IU Libraries’ digital repository data with library catalog and IUB Libraries’ web site data to create a Solr-indexed data source that preserves context and provides thorough, useful, and sharable access to the information, collections, and resources at the Indiana University Libraries.

I’ll start by saying that the talk was quite technical. It wasn’t overly technical but as a newbie to this digital library world, I felt that maybe I wasn’t going to fully understand all of what Ms. Hardesty had to say. That’s okay though. You can’t learn until you find out that there’s stuff you don’t know. I decided to key in on terms that seemed important.