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A Personal Content Curation Strategy

I discovered this thing called “Content Curation” several months ago and I jumped in head first. I’m on!, Pearltrees, Pinterest, and I was on until they got bought by Yahoo! and closed up shop.

This is what I do. When I hear about a new online service and it interests me, I give it a try. You might say that I’m using too many different curation sites. I’m inclined to agree, but I’ve got to say that I find value in each of the three tools that I’m using.

So I want to answer some questions for myself:
Is this just a time consuming hobby?
Am I really helping other people navigate this sea of information that is the Internet?
Is content curation an activity that can lead me to a new career?

I’m going to try and work that out via a series of posts to this blog. We’ll see how it turns out.

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My Scoopit!

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I want to be an Adobe Illustrator Superstar*

*By superstar, I think I mean someone who is fairly proficient.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is an awesome tool for making vector graphics. It is probably the vector creation software of choice for most graphic designers and other professionals who create graphics for a living. Like all Adobe products, it’s packed with features, and comes with a steep learning curve.  I learned how to use Illustrator at a rudimentary level in two Indiana University IT Training Workshop, “Illustrator CS6: The Basics,” and “Adobe CS6: Pen Tool Basics.”  Now that I’m somewhat comfortable with the software, I practice on my own. My skills are improving a little, but if I’m going to become really good at Illustrator, I have to seek out some more training resources. (See the post I wrote  for the IU IT Training Tips Blog about taking the skills you learn in a workshop to the next level).

Random Illustrator objects.

Random Illustrator objects.

There are a lot of Illustrator tutorials out there.  I’ll share some of them with you now.

  1. Learn Illustrator CS6 on AdobeTV – 21 videos, most under 3 minutes. This is a basics series for those getting started with Illustrator. 
  2. Check the Adobe Illustrator Blog for more tutorials and tips.
  3. Vector Tuts+ has a lot of content including tutorials, articles, tips, and resources. Premium members can access features such as online courses and an ebook library.
  4. Astute Graphics’ blog has a quite a few free tutorials, tips, and tricks.
  5. Chris Spooner’s Spoon Graphics offers free Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials.  You can find more content on his Facebook  page too.
  6. An excellent source for technology training is Most lynda content is available  to paying subscribers only, but if you’re serious about learning, it’s probably worth the expense.

I think those are enough resources to get you (and me) started. I’m collecting Illustrator tutorial resources on Pearltrees, check there once in a while to see if anything new shows up.