Creating my own space in the digital realm

Veering off Course

I’m so conflicted! I’m on the proverbial road to finding out what I’m supposed to do with my work life, and there have been a few bumps along the way, but I’ve stayed the course. Now I feel like I’m starting to veer off the road, and onto the shoulder. I need to pull over and do some thinking. You see, I just passed an exit that might take me to the place I really want to be.  That place is the land of content curation.

I’ve been getting  into the curation thing for the better part of a year now, and I’ve got to say, it ‘s really “my thing.”  I thought social media was going to be “my thing,”  but I think it’s the curation component of social media that jazzes me. So what does that mean for this blog that was supposed to be about eLearning, and Instructional Design? Surely the topics can intersect.

This blog could turn into an unfocused, hodgy-podgy mess!

Maybe  this learning experience is just that. Me learning about the things that interest me, and then writing about them.

So far, I don’t think anyone is reading this blog, so I’ve got nothing to worry about. Even if someone were reading, I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. It’s just another blog after all.

So it’s decided. This blog is about my interest in a diverse array of digital content types, and that frees up the other blog to be about personal stuff, and my writing.

Sound good? It sounds good to me!


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