Creating my own space in the digital realm

In part one I talked about my current career/job situation, and what it’s like trying to move into a new career when you have two degrees in modern dance. In this post I’ll try and figure out what this blog is really going to be about. I’m working things out as I go along, and since there’s a chance that no one is reading this, I reserve the right to make this a meandering, stumbling process.

I’ll begin with the question of grad school. There’s a program here at IU, and I could get 50% off of the cost of tuition with my husband’s benefits. I still have time to apply if I want to start in fall 2013. I’d have to order transcripts and get letters of recommendation. I could do that. Do I have time to take classes and work enough hours to pay the bills? I’m not sure that I do. So the other option might be to just do a learn on my own, learn at work kind of thing.

The learning on my own route is where the blog comes in. How can I learn on my own, let me make a list.

1. Find articles on eLearning, Instructional Design, etc. and read them

2. Write posts about the more interesting or in-depth articles

3. Write about what I learn from the projects I do at work

4. Learn about learning models like ADDIE and SAM and write about them

5. Create my own projects and post them here

That sounds like a plan! Now I’ve got to follow through on it.

Time will tell.


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